How to Improve the Chemotherapy Treatment Experience

Chemotherapy can take a toll on the body. But following a few key chemotherapy tips can help improve the treatment experience.

Cancer treatments can cause negative reactions in the body. Hair may thin. You may develop nausea. And constipation may develop. To improve your treatment experience, try following the chemotherapy tips listed below. 


Nausea is one of the most common side effects of many types of chemotherapy. Ask your doctor about medications that may help control your nausea. Nausea is best controlled when managed early. 

Taking deep breaths, eating saltine crackers, and drinking lots of fluids, such as water and ginger ale, may help as well. 

Hair Loss

Thinning hair is not unusual during chemotherapy. To minimize hair loss, try a cold-cap treatment. The cap may help your hair grow faster.

Also, you may want to try a new, short haircut before the hair starts thinning. After treatments, take a friend on a shopping trip to a wig store. 


Combat sluggish bowels with natural remedies to treat constipation. Talk with your doctor about options that will safely and effectively help you have a bowel movement. Natural supplements and teas may provide gentle relief. 

Loss of Appetite

Nausea and compromised taste buds may decrease your desire to eat. But you need nutrients now more than ever before. Look for nutrition shakes at your local grocery store. Choose flavors that sound delicious. 

You may also choose to juice your food. Fruits and vegetables blended with ice and a splash of almond milk will give your body the fuel it needs. 

If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, try gargling cold water blended with baking soda and salt. 


Your body is working overtime to heal. Give it time to rest. Take lots of naps. Go for short walks a few times a week to improve energy. Let people help you with daily chores, such as going to the grocery store or picking up the kids from school. 

Mouth Sensitivity

Your regular toothbrush and toothpaste may be too strong during your chemotherapy treatment. Your mouth is sensitive during this time. Choose brushes and paste designed for kids, and talk with your doctor about special mouthwash for people going through chemotherapy. 

Illnesses and Infections

Your body is more likely to develop illnesses and infections after chemotherapy. Reduce your chance for conditions like a cold or the flu by washing your hands regularly. Avoid being around people who are sick. 

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